Pampering and Taking care of yourself At home

3 Apr 2020

Hello everyone,

Today I thought I would share with you some of my tips on how I try to feel good and pamper myself  whilst at home. I was definitely inspired to do this post by this gorgeous co ord I recently got my hands on from pretty little thing. I believe it was around £18 which is so fab. So here are my style tips for staying at home...

1. Find a cute co ord set 

This is something I absolutely love, a co ord lounge wear set. For the colder days maybe a knit co ord and for when the sun is shining and the days start getting warmer, maybe a little something like this beautiful satin co ord from Pretty Little thing. When we come out of lockdown, I could see myself wearing this on the morning and evenings of a holiday, still being able to catch some sun in the cooler part of the days. For now, I would pair this with a knit Cardigan to give me that extra bit of warmth. I feel like wearing something thats cosy but still quite put together will make you feel 10x better than if you stay in your pj's all day. Maybe stick to pj days at the weekend.

2. Add some jewellery

So this is another thing I have been doing to make myself feel a lot more put together and ready to start the day. I like to add all of my jewellery I would usually wear with an outfit, but this outfit of course will be a lot comfier and cosier than a casual day to day outfit. It makes a cosy co ord or some joggers and a bodysuit look so much more put together and like you have really thought about your outfit. It can also really elevate a look and make the jewellery stand out if you are wearing some pretty casual, simple pieces.

3. Do your hair

I always feel so much more put together when I have washed, blow dried and curled my hair. I feel like with my hair curled and jewellery on, I really do not need any make up at all. I feel like your hair can make all the difference and giving your self an at home blow dry is another way to make yourself feel amazing and look like you have stepped straight out of the salon. I feel like my bouncy curls always make me feel so much better and I guarantee it will make your outfit look soooo much better.

4. Add some lashes (if you like)

Now I guess this post has kind of turned into a 'how to pamper yourself during lockdown' oops, but this is another thing I like to do which means I am less likely to feel the need to put on make up. I buy the individual lashes from Primark, and of course I know we are currently unable to go into primark, but you can find so many amazing individual lashes online that can be relatively cheap. I pop the eyelashes on underneath my lashes instead of onto and it gives a really natural fluttery look, meaning I don't need to put any mascara on. I find these usually last 3-4 days, and of course I change them when it comes to hair wash day.

5. Invest in a UV nail lamp

This is something I believe everyone should have who loves everything to do with nails. As much as I would love to get my nails done every 3-4 weeks, I just really can not justify the price. So investing in a uv lamp is fab because it means you can do your gel nails at home. I doing this because sometimes I actually find it easier and quicker to do this as my nails tend to take such a long time to dry with normal polish. I think these can be around £20 online, but so worth it if you think about how many times you can use it. Here is one I have found for just £22 from Feel Unique. And also considering we don't know how long the nail salons will be shut for. This means you can also spend some of your time doing family members nails and being productive in all of this time we have. You never know you make take up a new hobby...

I really do hope some of these little tips helped you, I know or sure doing these things can make me feel so much better in myself. Stay safe and see you soon

Cristy N

X X X 


  1. I feel really lazy these days hahaha! I only did small spa day the other day and thats it hahahah

    1. honestly I have those days too!! thats okay, its better than doing nothing xx


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