How to stay stylish whilst in Quarantine...

27 May 2020

Hey everyone, 

I hope you are all staying safe and doing well, today I thought I would share with you my top tips on how to stay stylish whilst in lockdown. I know that when your at home all day with no where to go, its so easy to want to stay in your comfiest and loose a sense of personal style. I know all I want to do is wear all my pretty clothes out again. But I there are so many ways you can still incorporate your favourite pieces of clothing into quarantine life.

1.  Choose comfy trousers and a nice top

We are ditching the 'jeans and a nice top' and swapping the denim for a comfy pair of trousers. We all know how much I love my comfy long trousers, they go with everything and can make a really comfy outfit look so well put together. I try to keep it simple on the bottom and wear one of my favourite tops. I love this one from Zara as it has so man beautiful details, including the beautiful pearl buttons and I love the puff sleeve details. This top because of its design details make every outfit look amazing! 

2. Wear your favorite dress on your daily walk

Of course you are less likely to be wearing pretty floaty dresses, however I have found wearing my favourite dress on a daily walk is a great place to wear it! I know it sometimes feels a little odd wearing a pretty dress inside, so why not pop it in on a day you may be going for a long walk or bike ride. I wear this floral one from I saw it first with a pair of white 80p flip flops from Primark and it makes it perfect for everyday wear. 

3. Accessorise a simple outfit with gold jewellery 

I have seen so many girls on instagram wearing beautiful gold jewellery with their quarantine outfits, I really do need to get myself some as I feel like they really elevate an outfit and make yourself look so much more put together. Even with a jogger outfit, the gold jewellery looks amazing and so funky. Its a great way to stay stylish whilst in quarantine.

4. Wear floral prints 

Prints can work so well on so many quarantine outfits, especially on skirts, trousers and dresses. I feel like wearing a printed skirt or trousers looks great with a simple top and can make an outfit look like it has been real thought through so much more than it may have actually been. I love wearing a floral print skirt with a simple white boob tube and some flip flops as the floral print skirt can make the outfit look so much more striking. 

I do hope you enjoyed this post, stay safe and see you next time!!

Cristy N

x x x 


  1. You always look so put together and elegant. Love this outfit!
    Amber |


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