FM WORLD: The Fragrances everyone is talking about and why you HAVE to try them...

3 Jun 2020

Hey everyone, 

I do hope you are doing well and staying safe. As some of you may know, earlier this year I started up a little business venture with FM world, a network marketing company selling beauty, fragrance and home products. I have completely fallen in love with the products and thought I would tell you all about them. 

I first noticed FM fragrances on the lovely Evegracexo over on Instagram. I Saw that she was selling the fragrances and saw that they were inspired by the designer brands. I could not believe that a brand was offering perfumes and aftershaves that had similar notes to some of the top designer branded fragrances for the fraction of the price. I saw just how well Eve was doing within the business and I had to join her. 

FM offer over 150 designer inspired fragrances all made in the same DROM factory as the designer brands. Some of the brands include Dior, Gucci, Chanel to name a few. Now you are probably wondering the price point of these fragrances, they range from £14.90 (yes thats right, a whole £14.90 for a fragrance that smells exactly like your designer perfume you paid over £50 for) to £24.50. These are NOT fakes, FM, short for Frederico Mahora, sell thousands of products, not just fragrances, such as candles, diffusers, cleaning products, make up and so much more. 

These fragrances are made from 20-30% oil and last from 6-8 hours which is just completely mad, considering they cost less than £25. You have the choice between a pure fragrance (£14.90), Intense fragrance (£18.90) and Royal fragrance (£24.50). These perfumes and aftershaves smell so incredibly similar to the designer brands, I had never come across anything like this before and just thought why not give it a shot.

My favourite scents used to cost me £65, and now I am paying just £24.50, that is a huge saving of £40. I know some people who may spend up to £200 on their favourite perfume and FM offers an alternative for £24.50, that is a HUGE saving of £175. I love that I can now smell the same for less and not worry about having to worry about the price when it gets half full. They all come in a 50ml bottle and the Royal comes in a fancier bottle, FM prices are so low because they do not spend huge amounts of money on promoting and celebrity endorsements, they also do not use fancy packaging. 

Not only do I use and LOVE the products, I am selling the products and have started my own little business venture.  The products are just amazing and they literally SELL OUT due to the massive demand for them, this does just go to show how incredible they are and how popular these products are. Last month I hit my third promotion in the business and I could not be happier. 

It may sounds silly but starting FM has honestly changed my life in lockdown for me. It has kept me busy, kept me mentally sane, I go to sleep thinking about waking up and getting on with working from home. It is so much fun and to be earning money whilst being in lockdown has helped me out so much. 

Please do get in contact if this sounds like something you would like to do too. If you want to make some extra cash for savings, or maybe a holiday after lockdown. Hundreds of the girls are now making a four figure salary from FM and have quit their full time job because their FM business was making them more money. 

Please also pop me a message if you would like to know what fragrances FM have to offer.



Thankyou so much for reading and thankyou so much for all of your constant support, stay safe everyone.

Cristy N 

x x x 

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